Stay connected to your home
Control your house directly from your smartphone or tablet

Brematic Home Automation

with gateway and remote plugs

  • It‘s very simple to install and use, remotely from the sofa
  • Ideal for economizing on energy by optimizing the lighting of your heat sources
  • Can be used as a real security system, creating a presence during your absence
  • Imagine all of this kit‘s possibilities for making life easier: Interior/exterior lighting, media systems, automatic garden watering, air conditioning/fans, Christmas lights and much more...

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The Benefits

  • No server or operator subscription
  • Intelligent technology with the SteckerPro app
  • Plug & Play: easy to use
  • Operates with and without remote control
  • Possibility to add additional outlets

To get started, you need:

  • Your Brematic gateway and remote plugs
  • Your SteckerPro app
  • Your router

and that's it, it couldn't be simpler.

Installation takes less than 20 minutes

  • Download the SteckerPro app
  • Connect the gateway to your router using the cable provided
  • Configure your plugs and link them to the app
  • Connect your remote plugs to a wall plug and the electrical devices that you wish to control to the remote plug.
SteckerPRO App Mit Brematic Home Automation Ihr Zuhause steuern – Brematic

Kostenlose App Zur Steuerung Ihrer Funksteckdose

  • Zum Anschließen von zwei Funksteckdosen
  • GRATIS im AppStore und bei GooglePlay
  • Einfache Bedienung
  • SteckerPro von mediola jetzt herunterladen

Versatile Home-Automation: Brematic remote plugs

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Brematic Home Automation Gateway GWY 433
Multi-way Extensions & Plug-in Appliances


RCS 2044 N Comfort
Remote Control Set


Remote Control Set RCS 1044 N Comfort IP44
Multi-way Extensions & Plug-in Appliances


Primera-Line Remote control set RC 2044
Primera-Line Remote control set


Wireless Radiator Thermostat FHT 433 white, with remote control and adapter for heater valve
Multi-way Extensions & Plug-in Appliances

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Remote plugs in use: Brematic every day

Step 1

Brematic gateway and smart plugs

Simply install your gateway and plugs

Step 2

Smart Home App in Google Playstore
Smart Home App in AppStore

Download the SteckerPro-App

Step 3

Brematic home automation

Discover how you can benefit from Brematic home automation every day:

Home Automation: Connect your multimedia devices

Connect and manage all your multimedia devices.

Light up the inside remotely from the sofa.

Smart Home: Water your garden by remote control

Water your garden by remote control when desired.

Switch your pond pump on or off from the comfort of your lounge chair.


Light up the outside of your house remotely.

Turn on or off the air conditioning.

Make you life easier – with Brematic Home Automation!

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